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Project Raydiate 1.0

PROJECT RAYDIATE — Community Challenge & RAYgional Ambassadors

Participate in Raydium’s Community Challenges below, earn points, and get on the Raydiate leaderboard!

By participating in the Raydium community, and being an active community member, you could be one of the winners of a prize pool of $RAY.

Community Challenge

Join our Raydium’s Little League Challenges. To participate, fill out the submission form here as you complete the challenges and earn points to get on our leaderboard!

  1. Follow Raydium on Twitter (50 pts)
  2. Like and Retweet this tweet and tag 2 friends in the replies (50 pts)
  3. Raycreator (200 pts, max 1 submission per week, up to 2400 pts)
    Inspired to create content? Create a unique and original Raydium art, posters, stickers, gifs, memes, comic strips or infographics related to Raydium’s liquidity, friction-less yield, and light-speed swaps and usage of Raydium. If you’d like some inspiration, check out
    a) Share your submission on Twitter,
    b) Tag @raydiumprotocol on twitter,
    c) Include the hashtag #raydium #communitychallenge #raydiate. Assets are available for download here.
    Don’t forget to share your submissions in our Discord/TG. We’re looking for originality and quality submissions!
  4. Share your content (art, posters, stickers, gifs, memes, comic strips, infographics) to subreddits or public telegram channels not affiliated with Raydium to earn extra points (50pts, up to 4 content in total for the entire campaign)
    Be sure to:
    a) Share your submission on Twitter,
    b) Tag @raydiumprotocol on twitter,
    c) Include the hashtag #raydium #communitychallenge #raydiate.
    Don’t forget to share your submissions in our Discord/TG. We’re looking for originality and quality submissions! Be sure to include links to these in the submission form.
  5. Next level content creator? Are you more familiar with creating videos? Here’s a chance for you to get creative. Create a short, 3–5 minute video explaining more about Raydium and what you love about Raydium and our community.
    When you’re done, upload your video to YouTube. Make sure to include the links to and in the description, and include Raydium in the title. (1000pts, max 1 submission per month, up to 3000pts)
  6. Telegram DP Support and Display Name (total 100pts)
    In solidarity with Raydium, change your Telegram DP to the Raydium Logo (50pts), and add ($RAY) to your Display Name till the end of the campaign. (50 pts)
    Be sure to fill in your Telegram ID (@username) using the submission form.
  7. Referrals on Telegram (10 pts per referral, up to 500 pts maximum)
    Step 1: Fill in your Telegram ID (@example) using the submission form.
    Step 2: Message @petrock__bot on Telegram ( and use the command /start.
    Step 3: Click on Raydium’s Telegram channel for the main Raydium group link.
    Step 4: Bot will generate you a special link that you can share with other people
    Step 5: Bot will rank top referees

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: In order to update your weekly entries, please make sure to edit your original form submission using the link that will be sent to your email. We will not accept duplicate entries. Submissions will be vetted and checked for quality.


As a global community based around the world we want to be inclusive, and thus we’re also looking for RAYgional Ambassadors.

To apply to be a RAYgional Ambassador, please fill up the form here.


As a RAYgional Ambassador, stand to earn $RAY tokens monthly for your contribution. RAYgional ambassadors will be invited to an exclusive Raydiators group with direct access to the Raydium team.


  1. Engage the local community on discord / other appropriate channels.
  2. Support in translating documentation and website. Translate announcements, articles sent out by the team within 24 hours.
  3. Introduce influencers/network to Raydium and participate in our discussions in global channels.
  4. Ambassadors stand to earn anywhere from 30–60 $RAY tokens per month for engaging their communities, subject to review from our internal team.

For outstanding ambassadors, we’re happy to explore long term opportunities with you as our local representative and to explore growth opportunities for you with Raydium. Want to take part? Sign up here!

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