Finage Strategically Partners With Band Protocol to Bring Enterprise-Grade Market Data For 60,000+…

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Finage Strategically Partners With Band Protocol to Bring Enterprise-Grade Market Data For 60,000+ Assets to BandChain

Finage, a leading enterprise-grade data provider for stock, forex, and cryptocurrency, has strategically partnered with Band Protocol to bring instant data availability covering over 60,000+ price feeds for developers and partners using Band oracles. Finage will also be commercializing their financial data through the creation of premium oracle scripts upon the release of BandChain Phase 2.

Trusted by enterprises including Stripe and AWS among others, Finage will be a recommended provider for the increasing number of decentralized financial protocols building custom oracles on BandChain. Through a user-driven approach and provision of secure real-time data for varying asset categories, Finage has turned to Band Protocol to kickstart their international expansion with increasing data coverage and adoption.

We are always trying to make the Finage better for you. With Band Protocol, we are aiming to provide extensive accessibility to financial market data for everyone who would like to build their dream startup or product.

The partnership of Band Protocol brings more and better opportunities for Finage to support decentralized products and solutions building the future of finance whether it is for trading, investment, lending, stablecoin and analytics required in smart contracts.
Gökhan Uçkan, CEO & Co-Founder of Finage

Finage provides market data for stocks, forex rates, and cryptocurrency trading pairs to over 17,500+ developers, quants, businesses, universities, forex firms, and individuals. Their extensive data offering can be queried in real-time and historical datasets such as last price, historical end of day data, historical order books (L1 & L2), aggregates, market status updates, and more — increasing the offering and flexibility of Band Protocol oracles.

Finage has been integrated to support the Band Standard Dataset and Band Protocol’s decentralized stock oracle which is already being used by leading projects including Mirror Protocol, Linear Finance, and Fantom among others to secure over $8B+ in total value. To further bridge the gap between reliable external information and blockchain projects, Finage will be creating premium oracle scripts on BandChain covering different real-time data for different asset categories, and an array of historical datasets which automatically collect revenue on a per-call or subscription basis.

Working with trusted and established data providers such as Finage is critical to increasing the degree of security and reliability of Band Protocol oracle which is collectively securing billions of dollars in production. We look forward to sharing more institutional-grade data providers working with Band Protocol to connect to all decentralized applications and blockchain ecosystems in the coming weeks!

About Finage
The most important thing to know about Finage is that it is one of the leading companies that are consulted and worked with by those who need financial data providers, including small and large investors. The Finage Data API system provides services that users cannot give up and make permanent. We will talk about them briefly for you. Before we talk about the types of the Finage Data API systems, there is some information we need to convey. Finage Data API system works not unidirectionally but versatile. therefore, you will need to examine API types in 3 areas as historical, real-time, and Fundamentals.


Let’s move on to the basic 3 API types now.

1- Forex Data API: Forex Data API, which has a huge value globally, offers Real-Time and Historical Currency (FX) rates from more than 200 world currencies via WebSockets and APIs. Forex data has been adjusted according to the usage area of ​​the customer with various options.

Finage offers low latency and the best performance for your product with over 1300 forex, commodities, bonds, and metal symbols.

2- US & Global Stock Data API: Finage Stock API allows you to access data from 19 of the most popular US stock exchanges and to conduct extensive trading activity across the entire US stock market. With the unified data flow provided by Finage Stock API, you can safely research, develop, and execute your trading strategies.

3- Cryptocurrency Data API: Finage is one of the best crypto portfolio trackers that will provide you with cryptocurrency data from major exchanges. You can strengthen your trading strategies by obtaining both real-time and historical data with WebSockets and APIs from more than 15 markets. Like the stock exchange, time is very important in the Crypto Money exchange. With the tools offered by Finage, you can obtain live cryptocurrency data with real-time streaming within milliseconds and strengthen your application.

If you care about professional work and the up-to-dateness of your financial data, unfortunately, you don’t have much of a choice in this financial data supply market. However, Finage becomes your strongest option for business partnership by bridging this gap with its reliable and strong teammates.

We share with you the Finage page, which you can always reach so that you can get to know Finage better and communicate.

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About Band Protocol
Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Band Protocol enables smart contract applications such as defi, prediction markets, and games to be built on-chain without relying on the single point of failure of a centralized oracle. Band Protocol is backed by a strong network of stakeholders including Sequoia Capital, one of the top venture capital firms in the world, and the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

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