Harvest Finance ‘Farm Arts’ Creativity Contest ROUND 5 — SPRING EDITION

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Harvest Finance ‘Farm Arts’ Creativity Contest ROUND 5 — SPRING EDITION

👨‍🌾Attention Farmers: It’s been a while since our last iteration of the creativity contest and we have certainly missed your awesome submissions! The Christmas edition brought us beautiful carvings, catchy songs, benevolent charity work and many other amazing entries.

🌼Spring has just begun and we thought it would be fitting for this to be the theme of our next creativity competition! Spring is a time where farmers get busy, sowing their precious crops and waiting for bountiful harvests. Luckily at Harvest, the #Hardwork is done for you. Sit back and relax whilst the highest yields are being farmed. “New life, flowers blooming, Chad sowing the fields, Easter, spring festivals…” We look forward to seeing what new and exciting things you come up with.

📣So what are you waiting for? Spring into action and let your ideas bloom into amazing works of art, memecraft, writing, graphic design…

📜As always:

🚜 Entries should be Harvest related.

🎨Judges look favorably on originality and creativity. Do something that is unique and different from the rest.


✅Although not compulsory, adherence to the theme will be given extra consideration.

👍We value effort! Someone who designs a piece of art from scratch will definitely be considered over someone who copies/pastes.

🚀 So fire up the tractors! An egg-celent basketful of $FARM prizes to dye for.


🏆 1st Place — $1,500 in FARM tokens

🥈 2nd Place — $1,200 in FARM tokens

🥉 3rd Place — $800 in FARM tokens

🏅 4th and 5th place — $600 in FARM tokens

🏅 6th through 10th — $450 in FARM tokens

🏅 11th through 20th — $300 in FARM tokens

🏅 21st through 50th — $100 in FARM tokens.

How to submit your entries:

  • Entries to be made only through Twitter. Post your work with the hashtag #BreadForThePeople and #defi while tagging @harvest_finance & @harvestfi. We only care about the quality of what you have produced. The number of followers, likes or retweets makes no difference!
  • Make sure to post in the FARM-ARTs channel in Harvest’s Discord server for extra visibility.
  • Submissions close on the 11th of April at 1pm UTC time.
  • The team will dive into all the submissions and pick the winners.
  • Winners will be announced before the 18th of April.

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