[Announcing] Belt Finance — ForTube Partnership: New Strategy, BELT pool, and more!

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[Announcing] Belt Finance — ForTube Partnership: New Strategy, BELT pool, and more!

Belt Finance has grown to be one of the largest DeFi protocols on BSC in terms of TVL. To continue growth and improve Belt Finance, we are always looking for reliable, innovative partners.

To this end, we’re very excited to be announcing a new partnership between Belt Finance and ForTube.

ForTube, based on The Force Protocol, has been a mainstay of the blockchain industry as a top DeFi lending platform. It supports decentralized lending services of some of the world’s most popular digital assets. The platform also offers solutions for cross-chain communication, token bonds issuance, as well as DAO governance.With its outstanding security concept, technical level and user base, ForTube was in the first batch of five projects supported by Binance Smart Chain (BSC).Some of ForTube’s notable partners include Huobi, Binance, Upbit, Certik, Chainlink, PancakeSwap, DeBank, and Defi Pulse.

This new partnership will bring benefits to both Belt.fi and ForTube. The following a few initial details of what is to come:

  • Belt Finance will use ForTube as an additional strategy vault for its assets.
  • $BELT will be integrated into ForTube as an automated yield farming to provide liquidity with an APY boost ($FOR token).
  • ForTube will support a $BELT pool for collateral against borrowing currencies on ForTube V3.

Belt Finance CEO, TK Park, stated, “With ForTube, we can begin having multi-strategy yield optimization with ForTube as a new option for our vaults. ForTube is a reliable, powerful platform, and with them as partners, we can deliver even more value to the BSC DeFi ecosystem and its users. I urge everyone to keep an eye on the great developments and expansion opportunities that this partnership will bring“

ForTube CEO, Jeffrey Chu, said “ Belt’s achievements in such a short period are amazing, and I’m so impressed by their professional team, rigorous work style, as well as enthusiasm for the industry during our cooperation. I firmly believe that the cooperation will help our users enjoy better value capture opportunities.”

We at Belt Finance look forward to creating great synergy as we grow the BSC ecosystem together with ForTube.

Deposit your assets into Belt.fi to get a conveyor belt that delivers optimized yield, and sit back and watch your portfolio grow safely!


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