(EN) Acquisition of farmfol.io (Portfolio Manager)

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We are excited to announce that Autofarm has recently acquired farmfol.io, an intelligent portfolio manager designed to simplify how users monitor and track their assets on Binance Smart Chain.

Why farmfol.io?

farmfol.io was conceived to be a solution for the limitations faced by existing DeFi (Decentralised Finance) portfolio trackers. Its superior dashboard enables metrics such as total wallet balance, staked tokens, liquidity rewards, and price changes to be tracked automatically on the blockchain over time.

farmfol.io’s approach to portfolio management has deeply resonated with users as seen by their staggering growth, tracking over USD$7 million worth of assets in the short span of less than 1 month since its alpha launch.

This acquisition will see farmfol.io becoming part of the Autofarm brand. The decision to acquire farmfol.io stemmed from our shared vision of building better products and commitment to user experience. Recently, we have also been hearing more feedback from the community about having a natively integrated portfolio manager, so we are excited to make this a reality for our users.

In line with our vision to continuously innovate, improve and drive the growth of the protocol, this event marks a significant step in expanding Autofarm’s business and brand.

What does this mean for Autofarm users

farmfol.io’s portfolio manager will be natively integrated on the Autofarm platform, allowing users to gain easy and free access to the asset tracking dashboard. This free access allows Autofarm users to view all their positions in the Autofarm vaults once the native integration is complete.


Those who have previously paid for access to farmfol.io’s dashboard services will still have continual access to future updates on farmfol.io’s DApp (Decentralised Application). This will include increased portfolio tracking from other farms that can be expected in the near term. Additional details on the long-term roadmap of farmfol.io can be found here.


To summarize, farmfol.io will provide a portfolio dashboard for Autofarm users directly on the Autofarm DApp and will still live as its own paid service for portfolio tracking asides from assets on Autofarm.

Subsequently, Autofarm users will enjoy a discount for enabling farmfol.io for tracking more assets asides from those in the Autofarm vaults.

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