New Bunny Pools

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Congratulations fam!

We will soon be adding two new pools to the Bunny Platform by popular demand! We wanted to celebrate our successful halving and show appreciation for the community’s ongoing support for Bunny!

Bonus Bunny Pool
The first Pool is a promotional Bonus Bunny Pool that will be active for 4 weeks to celebrate the successful adjustment of BUNNY emissions in accordance with your vote on Snapshot. This Bonus BUNNY Pool will reward the community with a steady stream of 30,000 newly minted bonus BUNNY over the course of 4 weeks.

New Bunny-BNB Pool
The other pool will be a New BUNNY-BNB pool that will be similar to the existing BUNNY-BNB pool, but will distribute a fixed weekly number of BUNNY rewards. One week following the release of this new pool, the current BUNNY-BNB pool will be closed.

Both of the new pools will go live 3/11. Try out the new Bonus BUNNY and the new BUNNY-BNB pools and GET MORE $BUNNY! 🙂

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