SquadDAO: Bounty Hunters Behold a New Tool to Manage Funds Together

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SquadDAO Website | Source Code on GitHub | Add to Your Discord Server

As DeFi space grows and evolves, more and more DAOs are putting out bounty and grant programs to get some help and involvement from the community members. However, when it comes to practice, there is no clear flow for contributors to organise themselves into teams and manage the granted funds efficiently.

We at BarnBridge have a lot of plans for the grants and bounties and we realised there is no good tool for the community members to work through. This is why we decided to create SquadDAO.

SquadDAO is a Discord bot that allows users to organise into squads under the Discord channels and set up a Multisig Safe with Gnosis to control funds together for bounties or anything you would want to use this tool to hold funds and slowly release with a vote.

It uses Discord as a reputation system that allows people to connect with others and lets them easily communicate. Gnosis Safe Multisig helps teams manage their funds. It has a beautiful UI & UX so we decided there is no real need to build something custom and it doesn’t make much sense to develop the integration to manage the Safe directly from Discord either.

Despite that SquadDAO was developed by and for BarnBridge, we haven’t used the BarnBridge branding on it because we wanted to give it out to the whole DeFi community. It is completely open-source and permissionless so any project team is free to take and use it.


Important to know! This is the first version of the tool so we recommend you consider it more like an MVP. We already have a list of the upcoming features and updates we would like to get added in the new releases.

Now that we have gone through the basic overview, let’s jump straight into the functionality walk-through.

After the bot is added to the Discord server, you should be able to type commands in the message line. All commands start with the exclamation mark: !commandGoesHere. The first command you need to know is !help. It opens the list of all available commands and shows what they do.

List of Commands

To start a new channel and create a squad use the prompt !createSquad squadName

Create Squad

Welcome to your squad channel. You can now add members to your squad with !addMember @username

Add Member to the Squad

After the squad channel is set up and team members added, discord roles are created and assigned automatically with a random color. This allows for finetuned discord permissions, easy recognition, and the possibility to address the squad by tagging the role.

Discord Roles

Now each member has to set their wallet address by typing !setWallet address.

Set Wallet

Before we actually move into the Gnosis Safe creation, we can change the consensus which is the number of votes needed to approve transactions. It is set to 1 by default and can be adjusted with !setConsensuscommand.

Set Consensus

The consensus is set. Now is the time to create a Safe. Use !initSafeand follow the link from the message you get.

Initialize Gnosis Safe
Create Safe

Hit the “Create Safe” button and confirm the transaction. This Safe initiation transaction must be done just once by any squad member. After it goes through you should get a Discord message with the safe address.

Safe Initialized

Click on the “gnosis” link and use the address for the “Load existing Safe” flow on Gnosis.

Hit “Next” and name all your squad members’ wallets.

Review the details on the last step and hit “Load”.

Boom! Now you’re all set up. Keep using Discord for communication but be aware that you can’t manage Gnosis Safe through it.

We hope this tutorial helps you but if you have any questions — throw them in BarnBridge Discord and we’ll be glad to help.

Decentralisation is the future.

Shout out to everyone who was involved in this initiative, especially to the bot grandmaster Danijel Gornjaković 🎉

SquadDAO Website | Source Code on GitHub | Add to Your Discord Server

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