State of the Union: Partnerships, Development, Gitcoin, & Community Involvement after the DAO…

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State of the Union: Partnerships, Development, Gitcoin, & Community Involvement after the DAO release.


I thought about this being a post in Discord but I wanted to attempt to organize my thoughts so everyone had the chance to see it — so this will be a long one because we’ve kind of been waiting to let the dust settle from launching the DAO and I wanted to see where the small fires start or spread after the launch of the DAO and where we needed to focus efforts.

So let’s get started.


A lot of people ask about partnership and integrations and I think we need to separate those between protocol based partnerships and interface based partnerships.

A ton of what YFI is doing as partnerships is REACT based & the protocols aren’t interacting. That isn’t a knock on what they’re doing, it’s actually really clever. I’ve thought about doing something similar with Synthetix and calling it SynthBridge but we haven’t made any formal arrangements for that more than basic discussions. However, what I realized is that a lot of the integration requests we get are essentially interface requests. I’m working on a larger project (longer term) for how you tokenize interfaces in co-funded DAOs with projects that pushes value capture back to each respective DAO but the eco-system is not there yet from a tech perspective. More to come on that one day, but for now, we obviously need a stop gap as an industry. Most of these “partnerships” will likely remain, in the short term, as co-funded interfaces.

I want to clarify some aspects here:

1. PoolTogether/Bond.Bet V1 is basically an interface partnership with PoolTogether where we built an interface with PoolTogether.


2. PoolTogether/Bond.Bet V2 is a protocol partnership where we actually used THEIR smart contracts and OUR smart contracts in order for a product to function properly. Where that lays longer term will depend on how it evolves. This will launch, time-wise, depending on whether Milad and Casian think it needs an audit or not.

3. Bounce/BondBounce is a REACT/Netlify interface that we are building using their new white labeled listings to show an auction house for our sBONDs. This is pretty simple, you don’t need the smart contracts to do any additional work, you just have an interface that organizes a user flow to use the smart contracts/protocols in a certain way. For something like this, you don’t need an audit. The already audited smart contracts don’t need to do anything they were already audited for.

4. SynthBridge (unofficial and nothing Synthetix or their community has committed to so let’s keep this as an assumptive concept with meat behind it) — this is something I’ll eventually push out to the community as a concept, and we (BarnBridge community) would need to work with Synthetix’s grants DAO in order to build it and get it funded. This is naturally something our base team doesn’t really even need to build. We can work with 3rd parties and do it through Gitcoin. This would require smart contract work similar to #2 on this list.

5. We’ve also talked with Robert at Compound and there is mutual interest to fund hackathons to fund cohesion through our networks. There is obviously infinite opportunity for interoperability between our protocols assuming infinite liquidity so I think we can build some pretty cool things together and having co-funded Hackathons gives both our communities opportunities to work and grow together.

So when we talk about partnerships, we need to define if there is smart contract/protocol work needed or just smart contract integrations. In some capacity, a hackathon that creates working interfaces is as much a partnership as what the industry is calling it.

This would all need votes for funding, however, someone could build this without any votes needed anywhere other then the fund allocation level.

The proposed Bounce integration requires no protocol level work — it doesn’t even need a vote from the DAO. Anyone can build this (since Bounce said they’d handle the back end & we can easily whip up a front end).

How Do We Get These Parnerships/Integrations Pushed Out?

It depends what the votes are for.

Voting an Asset in to BarnBridge

If we want to whitelist an offering, asset, or protocol for SMART Yield or SMART Alpha then we have to vote on that even if no smart contract work is needed in order to make the interoperability to work properly.

Voting an Asset from BarnBridge to another Protocol

In this scenario we need to talk to that specific protocol. An example of this would be if we wanted AAVE to list BOND or our jTOKENS and sTOKENS. Nobody needs our permission to put proposals into other projects to get them to do things like whitelisting smart alpha and smart yield products. Nobody needs our permission to set up a market on Uniswap for Wbtc/bond. Etc.

Interface Level Work

Nobody needs our permission to build an interface that uses our products. This is one reason Andre was able to push out a ton of partnerships without a vote. If people want to build with us, talk to us. We want people to build with us. We may even help fund it.

However, we did work with Limechain to build Bond Bet because our team was busy, I have a REACT development shop who does UI/UX and design, and our core team will still help with a lot of this. So we have resources, they just need to all be compensated properly.


Either a protocol or company buys up the majority vote of BOND tokens and takes over the DAO or we do it to theirs. I doubt we’ll see that happen but I can’t really stop it either.

Getting the Community Involved

Shifting focus here — the lines are about to get very blurred on who the community is and who the core team is. There is no BarnBridge company. There is no legal entity and there never has been. Some people, like Akin, came in and provided value and we decided at the LaunchDAO level that we had the capital to pay him to focus his efforts full time on BarnBridge. We cannot do this anymore unless we do it at the multi-sig level. In order for us to ever get more money into the multi-sig from the cash flows of BarnBridge via fees, we have to behave responsibly. Nothing has changed there.

We have runway now to pay the team via the multi-sig for quite a while. So how do new people come in and provide value? This is a question I’m not 100% sure anyone has completely been answered so there are a few avenues.

First, we still have the multi-sig and will always look for development talent to work with our Romanian team, in person, there. You can think of this team as the group building the primitives people integrate with — but they don’t work at BarnBridge, they have their own company, and I’d suggest the community does whatever they humanly can to keep them for the long haul, albeit they have founder tokens and are very aligned with seeing this through to fruition, hopefully, forever. We also have an operations team. That is what me and Troy are a part of along with everyone that is “Proof” related to BarnBridge. These are normally people who have emails. Even that, we have to figure out long term who deserves one and should be community driven.

However, someone could make a full time living doing other things without having to go through that framework and there isn’t anything we can do to stop them if they are providing value to the community who now runs the treasury. At handoff, we had one of the most valuable treasuries in all of Ethereum — the core team didn’t buy Bentleys & we didn’t allocate more money to ourselves than what we originally told everyone we would at the onset.

So now it is up to all of YOU to help us figure out where we add roles & compensate people.

This is quite important because I’ve already seen people popping their heads up and starting to help with things & people scratching their heads wondering how they can get BarnBridge to work with them.

I’ll give some examples:

SuhDude just wrote a ton of education content for BarnBridge (at no cost). If everyone loves that and thinks he should be either retro-actively compensated or pro-actively compensated to make more, I cannot unilaterally make that decision or stop it if I don’t support it. We should be pushing quite a bit of this through Gitcoin going forward in which case the multi-sig can help with some of it, but the DAO can also fund a multi-sig the community runs that pushes out Gitcoin grants.

0xBoxer — we need him to build Dune Analytics dashboards for when SMART Yield comes out. We’ve been doing this through Gitcoin and probably should continue to.

Ser M — Max has done a ton for BarnBridge from the very beginning. He wrote the first proposal for the DAO, he spent countless hours in our Discord, and he’s genuinely been an awesome asset to BarnBridge to the point I feel like he is on the team.

**I have even thought about plugging Gitcoin into our SMART Yield senior tranches via BOND to AAVE to have a “fixed” drip of capital that flows to a multi-sig that funds community efforts. Someone can help manage this and take a fee and then they have a positive economic flyloop to fund things in the ecosystem. This is a role I’d love to see filled and a role I’d love for someone to help us build out. It doesn’t need to even be a full time role — we just need help organizing some of this.

^^I actually would love for Ser M to help with the asterisked component from above and we can but that up for a vote or take it to the multi-sig. At the end of the day, I want people compensated for the work they do for BarnBridge if it becomes even equivalent to a part time job.

Content Creation, Memes, Etc — even this type of stuff, blog posts, informational content, etc. We would love for people to raise their hand and help. I think this all flows through some type of Gitcoin framework as well. It’s probably best someone from the community or numerous people from the community help handle this and we vote it out on a month by month basis, or if that becomes too cumbersome it moves to quarterly. Or longer term, the community may think it’s more reasonable to continue to fund the Secret Service Multi-Sig and people work with us on it. We’ll see how some of that plays out.

Your (community) creations — We don’t want to be the centralized hand driving everything. We have a commitment to getting the primitives in place and the community can entrust us with that role longer term but they also get choose to never support us in the future. So if you have ideas on where to help and jump in, we are asking for people to raise their hands. HOWEVER, we need support even supporting this framework before we can.

I’ve done a ton of the legwork but we’re slammed and I don’t want this to become a bottleneck for treasury management and usage. So we’re reaching out to the community to come in and help us develop strategies for where we go from here.

This article is more of a stream of consciousness but with the handover of the DAO treasury to the community and the keys to the kingdom an hour ago… it’s never been more relevant than now.

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