Partnering to Build Best-in-Class BTC Vaults

This post was originally published on Yearn

Andre Cronje

Feb 10 · 2 min read

Yearn blazed the path for community run and developer first open collectives that acted as Badgers blueprint. With the acceleration of our core product, Sett Vaults reaching $2B in total value locked, we need be moving in lockstep with protocols like Yearn.

Today we’re excited to develop a partnership that will bring our teams together to further accelerate best in class BTC vaults for the industry. This is a step to further secure users funds as we continue to introduce more Yearn developed, maintained and secured vaults to our users.

For Badger it’s imperative that we continue to introduce more efficient BTC vaults that rely less and less on Badger/DIGG rewards to generate yield for users. Yearn strategists are the best in the world and we feel confident that in working with them to introduce new BTC vaults that we’ll create long term sustainability in our vault product.

Also, we pride ourselves on being a developer first collective which is one of the reasons we allocated 15% of our total supply to the Badger developer mining program (Currently valued at $258M). Our goal is to ensure vault strategists in the industry are properly rewarded for their hard work and as part of our collaboration we can leverage the Badger developer pool to further incentivize these strategists.


  • Moving forward Yearn BTC developed vaults will live in the Badger app and we will incentivize them with Badger and DIGG rewards which are claimable every 2 hours.

Together we will further accelerate Bitcoin in DeFi!

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