BarnBridge 2021 Roadmap: Barn Building Plans

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We are hoping 2021 is a great year for BarnBridge and all of you, so we would like to formally announce our roadmap for 2021.

Happy New Year from the BarnBridge team!

Naturally, Q1 will be the most accurate and as we release our products we will amend anything forward looking.

We recently posted a roadmap on the website and Twitter that gave a brief update of our 2021 goals.

So, let’s sum up the tweetstorm and expand.

In the immediate future, we will be finishing up the BarnBridge DAO, which will empower all $BOND token holders to decide on how the protocol will work.


After the DAO, we plan to release SMART Yield (February) and SMART Alpha (Q2) products which will bring the BarnBridge ecosystem into full effect.

January 2021


One of the initiatives we will be launching in Q1 will be our official launch of a project called Bond.Bet, a betting protocol that expands the use case of tokenized risk which we have partnered with PoolTogether on. This will be rolling out around the time the DAO goes to launch. We should have more information releasing on Bond.Bet in mid-January.

BarnBridge DAO: Audits

We’re Cruising.

More importantly, the BarnBridge DAO is going through its last stages of audits and should be ready to go by the end of the month of January. Haechi should provide us with the audit report by Jan 28th, and Quantstamp by Jan 29th. If there are some gaps in the code found, we’ll need additional week or two to fix & get them reviewed once more time.

We are excited to finally start launching what we have been building and preaching about: a decentralized DAO that will be community led. With the launch of the BarnBridge DAO it is just the first domino of our endless pursuit to #BUIDL and expand DeFi.

February 2021

BarnBridge DAO & SMART Yield: Release

vBOND is the voting token generated from staking $BOND on the BarnBridge DAO

After our DAO launches we will be finalizing and launching our SMART Yield Bonds, which will be a interest rate volatility risk mitigation & fixed yield generation tool using debt-based derivatives. You can learn more about SMART Yield Bonds here.

We expect to get audit reports from Hacken & Open Zeppelin by the end of Februrary. This will be the first product we launch after the DAO is up and running so we can start earning with the BarnBridge DAO and flatten the risk curve across DeFi.

March 2021

SMART Alpha BUIDL & Audit

Next we will be finalizing the specs for the SMART Alpha Bonds which will be a market price exposure to mitigate risk using tranched volatility derivatives. The SMART Alpha bonds will not be structured via traditional yield tranches but instead with various levels of market price exposure, which we call risk ramps. We further explain SMART Alpha Bonds and their roles here.

Q2 2021

SMART Alpha Release

This is when the SMART Alpha Bonds launch comes into play. We don’t have the clear dates yet since the audit efforts have been put into the BarnBridge DAO & SMART Yield.

In due time, we will announce a more precise launch date.

However, we have a ton of effort going into SMART Alpha right now & have a solid spec on it. We have 3 different versions & have decided which one to release first, each with a different use case and user. We’ve also contracted with our advisory group, Atpar, to help build it.

Q3 2021 & Q4 2021

BOND Desk and Secondary Markets Platform

Once SMART Yield and Alpha launch it will give us the foundation to work on our next goals which would be to set up a fully functional BOND desk and create secondary markets for peer to per trading on an open market platform.


In the 2nd half of 2021, after the release of SMART Alpha, we expect we’ll see a flurry of integration and partnership opportunities arise. The use cases for SMART Alpha are seemingly endless so we expect a good portion of our efforts past this point will go to building in depth integrations into insurance, ETH staking, index products, and more. You can listen to our most recent community call where we touch on this.

That’s it.

Stay based apes.

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