Results of the Beefy Christmas Lottery

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Happy holidays moofians!🐄🎄

It’s been a great few months working on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. After only a short time here, we’ve become part of an amazing community of projects, contributors, journalists, and users! And to celebrate we are happy to announce the winners of the Cross-Community Campaign!!🚀

Selection process

Before we get to the winners, we’d like to show how the lottery was done, showing what’s possible with blockchain and smart contracts by providing security and transparence.

Tickets were issued to people that staked mooTokens in one of the fours pools available at , after depositing, wallets started collecting tickets!

Once the period for participation was closed, a snapshot of the participants was taken, and the hash for the files stored in this contract , each of the files is stored on IPFS, so everyone can check their address and corresponding tickets, for example, this is one of the files for the TWT pool.

After that, we chose a block height in the future, in this case: 3647837 . When that block arrived, the blockhash is used as a randomizer to pick the winners! allowing anyone to verify the tickets picked. Check the github here


And now, without further ado, let’s get to the prizes!

Pools, Prizes and winners.

TWT-BNB Pancake LP vault

Prize 5,000 TWT tokens.

  1. 0x65018d3cfc95981bf2c104a7c0a786009ba45e13
  2. 0xa8ec567d5384070cf1b52a79690fe8407ad18698
  3. 0x70bef89d1fa516762a66199b1da4e0dd82da5560
  4. 0x0cab0743d88a4e67a2777f58744d699ce583f7f1
  5. 0x70bef89d1fa516762a66199b1da4e0dd82da5560

DRUGS v2 vault

Prize 6928 DRUGS tokens.

  1. 0xa62a85b979c0aed4f51dba3ab989b6441aa2cddb
  2. 0x0be263922860ac09536f9c3dd4da39741ed3a87b
  3. 0xcfb3d548c3e158b4c4a04513144b9d2acac6c6c3
  4. 0x966d0c4485278a55113dc1f1e9e2044a3cb50c33
  5. 0x869d1e14ed3fe17d898b4dca2b4cda3efd450a75

BIFI Maxi vault

Prize 10 $BIFI, 10$wBNB, 10 $FUEL, 10 $NST.

  1. 0xa98b98942e3e82e459b6590d9882390f93692eb6
  2. 0x09622b15409c17f93a2ab5407c9e2d5a4cd26cb5
  3. 0x4006fa6def62b1fe1d798467bb8e0831376adce1
  4. 0xcfb3d548c3e158b4c4a04513144b9d2acac6c6c3
  5. 0x70f65a050ddf1af785cabe1dc658809851003699
  6. 0xcfb3d548c3e158b4c4a04513144b9d2acac6c6c3
  7. 0x806346b423ddb4727c1f5dc718886430aa7ce9cf
  8. 0x62d2cb1cd88b9fba819360587b926398a9f8ba3c
  9. 0x792e708c0e275497612d242101241e6b00f6a01a
  10. 0xcfb3d548c3e158b4c4a04513144b9d2acac6c6c3


Prize Narwhalswap NFTs.

The Narwhalswap team decided to go a little bit different! Every participant of the pool, that received tickets, will be able to use those tickets and redeem them for cool NFT’s. Rewards will be available from the 15th of January! So basically everybody wins in this one. More information to come on how to redeem.


Prize: 6 NFT’s


  1. 0x9cefa8b69949f4d7fc1c91e4a470dde08ce6e05d
  2. 0xa93dfc2b32715c5809fd14c347a8cd123e74c2e7
  3. 0x69e7141afe30a047f02fb7f6efa43ec9e6bd7f54
  4. 0xbc3f3cf0c356511e6ed250c58b8a23db54e6475b
  5. 0xce473c39a4b88f31f18f739fe39ca30f3476fdf7
  6. 0xc362fa359031a081d21cb9d57c29e055fecbcb06

The images you see in this post, are actually beautiful designed NFT’s courtesy of Lighthouse NFT , this ones are amazing, and we’re very happy to have him on the community! Winners have been picked from the entire pool of tickets.

NFT’s will be minted on the BakerySwap NFT exchange, and sent to winners.

This are the other NFT’s available:

Thanks to everybody that participated! It’s been great working together with everyone on growing

Check our pools at and our growing community on:






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