Oxygen a DeFi Prime Brokerage

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Oxygen is an on-chain prime brokerage built by a team from Goldman Sachs, on the liquid and growing Serum ecosystem, running on Solana’s scalable blockchain, and seeded by the 140m users of Maps.me, an on-chain mapping and fintech application.

Oxygen Protocol will start by building a prime brokerage designed to cater to the needs of DeFi applications and users. Oxygen is built around Pools, or baskets of assets that take collective actions. By having a permission-less, cheap, and scalable prime brokerage protocol, Oxygen will democratize borrow-lending and make it more efficient for all participants.

Following the release of our prime brokerage protocol, we plan to establish volatility trading protocols and structured product constructors to enable people to create their own structured products for themselves and for their clients — all on-chain.

Oxygen protocol is built on Solana, a stunningly fast public blockchain that can support over 50,000 transactions per second, has block times of 400 milliseconds, and a transaction cost of about $0.00001. And Solana will scale with Moore’s law via parallelism, with a foreseeable roadmap to 1 million transactions per second and 150 millisecond block times. With this capacity, Solana can theoretically support the activity on Visa, Mastercard, and all of the crypto exchanges combined.

Just as technology had disrupted the equity markets and made equities trading ubiquitous, the introduction of the on-chain borrow/lending protocol marks the beginning of universal DeFi adoption. Our vision is to recreate the marketplace-esque business units which exist within investment banks and to make them accessible to everyone. Oxygen will provide an array of financial primitives such as borrow-lending, derivatives and margin trading, yield generation, and structured products.


We invite you to join us on this incredible journey.

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