Beefy Cross-Community Christmas Lottery

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Join us!

In collaboration with many Binance Smart Chain communities, we’re really excited to announce our Christmas Lottery.

Thanks to the support of Trust Wallet, Thugs Finance, Bakery Swap, Narwhal Swap, Jetfuel and Nyanswop we will be doing a special campaign in which vault users will have the possibility to win many prizes.

Campaign duration

Dec 20th around 00:00 UTC to Dec 31.

Pools and Prizes

TWT-BNB Pancake LP vault

Prize 5,000 TWT tokens.
Winners: 5 equal shares of the total prize.

This pool will be incentivized by Trust Wallet. Moo Pancake TWT-BNB stakers will earn mooChristmasTWT Tickets.

DRUGS v2 vault

Prize 5,500 DRUGS tokens.
Winners: 5 equal shares of the total prize.


This pool will be incentivized by Thugs Finance. Moo Drugs Guns V2 stakers will earn mooChristmasThugs Tickets.


Prize Narwhalswap NFTs.

This pool will be incentivized by Narwhalswap. Moo Narwhal THUGS-NAR stakers will earn mooChristmasNarwhal Tickets.

BIFI Maxi vault

Prize 10 $BIFI, 10$wBNB, 10 $FUEL, 10 $NST.
Winners: 10 equal shares of the total prize.

This pool will be incentivized by Beefy, Nyanswop and Jetfuel. Moo BIFI stakers will earn mooChristmasBeefy Tickets.

How does it work?

As beefy is a yield optimizer, it benefits from collaboration with other projects in #BSC. We aim to incentivize new users to buy other protocols native tokens and deposit them in our vaults.

When users deposit tokens in Beefy’s vaults, they receive mooTokens in return. Users will have to deposit their mooTokens in our Christmas Pools which will be hosted in an exclusive Christmas App.

By staking mooToken, it means that user participating in the Christmas event will keep on accumulating their yield while still participating for the Lottery prizes. After you stake, to recognize how many mooTokens you have, you can check their addresses on Beefy´s Dashboard.

The Christmas Pools deposits will earn lottery tickets to participate for each pool prizes, and the distribution of prizes will happen on January 2nd. These pools do not charge withdraw and performance fee, users will only have to pay for gas.

How-To step by step here.

Lottery Tickets

The number of lottery tickets earned by participants will depend on the amount of mooTokens they deposit in the Christmas pools and the amount of time they keep their tokens staked.

Each of the 4 pools will have a total of 1 million lottery tickets allocated. The distribution will be 11 days long and it will start on Dec 20 around 00:00 UTC. The pools algorithm uses a linear approach that calculates the amount of pool liquidity, and your weight in the pool, to distribute the tickets.

On Jan 1st the campaign will be finished and the Lottery calculations will be done. The Lottery winners announcement and prize distribution will be done on Jan 2nd.

We wish everyone the best of luck!

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