Update: New StablePay Checkout for payments with zkSync

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Now when you make your payments or donations through StablePay you will have the option to do it through L2 thanks to our latest integration of the zkSync protocol 🌐.

How can I make my payments in L2?

When you receive a payment link through StablePay, you will now have other options to do so, such as L2, to reduce gas costs and increase the speed of the transaction.

StablePay Checkout

You can choose how to make your transaction in “Advanced Options” and you will have the option to do it through L1 or L2 🔥.

Advanced checkout options

What benefits do I get for making transactions through L2?

StablePay allows you to make low-cost and instant transactions by selecting layer 2 solutions like zkSync on Ethereum.

Layer 2 solutions allow to:

  • Conduct transactions without wasting time with miner verification and increase speed.
  • Conduct microtransactions without paying high transaction fees.
  • Conduct transactions with erc20 tokens without approval.
  • Enforce security on transactions with smart contracts.

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