StablePay 2019 in review

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StablePay launched on October 9, since then we have had many advances in improvements to the platform for user experiences, partnerships with other DeFi projects, new wallets integrations and more.

What is StablePay?

StablePay is a decentralized payment platform that enables users to make payments with Ether or any ERC20 tokens that get instantly converted to any token of the receiver’s choosing.

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Features to StablePay in 2019

Launch of StablePay to mainnet 🚀

After hard work by the StablePay team, it was launched on mainnet on October 9 🚀🚀. We launch our platform BETA so you can start sending and receiving transfers regardless of any token.

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Send a personalized link to request payment via URLs and earn savings

Now with StablePay, you can send a personalized link, to receive payments, donations, and tips, and you also send all your transactions directly to compound to generate interest and this in less than 10 seconds.

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StablePay adds ENS support and wallets integration

Now you can build your own StablePay shareable link with your ENS domain. If You want to build your own you can head over to and use your own ENS domain.

Wallet Integrations

We added wallet support for the following wallets:

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StablePay support MCD and the new cDAI

Then 2 months passed after the launch of the StablePay platform, the StablePay team supported MCD from makerDAO and the new cDAI compound.

StablePay supports now as you can receive payments, donations and tips with the latest version of DAI and also with cDAI 🔥.

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What is coming for StablePay in 2020

Next year will be a lot of news for our users, new updates, support for new wallets and much more, we hope you stay in tune with us and tell us what future updates you want for StablePay. 🚀🚀

Follow us on our media channels and get in touch. If you have questions or have any issues at all with the platform, please send an email to [email protected], we will be happy to help.

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