StablePay support MCD and the new brand cDAI

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tl;dr: After integrations such as support for ENS, new wallets and improvements to UX, we now support MCD and the new cDAI brand (Compound) 🔥 🙌.

Two months after our beta launch, we have been working hard to improve the use of the platform and make it more accessible for users, we are pleased to announce that StablePay joins the new integrations in the DEFI ecosystem such as MCD and cDAI


StablePay MCD Support and cDAI

StablePay supports now as you can receive payments, donations and tips with the latest version of DAI and also with cDAI 🔥.

Existing users of our links and widgets don’t need to do anything, they will automatically start receiving the new DAI or cDAI using their same setup.


Get Started with StablePay and start to earn 4–7% APY when you accept cryptocurrency donations and payments.

  • you can use the widget generator link or a URL from the StablePay URL builder here 👉
  • To start receive payments, donations or tips on your website or GitHub repository, go to widget generator. Enter your ethereum wallet address, and some settings. Paste the generated link or code in your Github repository or website.
StablePay Widget
  • If you are eager to start without reading too much then head over to and click Get Started to get you in right away.

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