Earn interest when you accept cryptocurrency donations and tips in your open source project

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Here’s how you can start receiving tips and donations directly in your Github open source project in USD denominated cryptocurrency that earns interest.

tl;dr: head over 👉 widget generator
Enter you ethereum wallet address, and some settings.
Paste the generated link or code in your Github repository or website.

That is all you need to get started 🔥 🙌.

StablePay is a decentralized donations/ payments platform that enables you to accept cryptocurrency donations instantly converted to USD denominated cryptocurrency that can earn you interest. Alice sends ETH or XYZ Tokens and Bob gets DAI or cDAI (USD pegged stablecoin).

Out of the gate, we support configuring and sharing links (Smart URLs) and also configuring a widget to accept donations and tips from several cryptocurrencies that are instantly converted into an interest-earning stablecoin (see cDAI). Configure your payment widget or link for free, no sign up required.


You can also track your received and sent transfer in your personal dashboard. (Optional/needs signup)

Off-ramp integration for cash out options coming soon. (stay tuned)

You can get started by following the Start Guide in our docs. Or head to the StablePay website and click Get Started.

The problem

If you have a cool open source project that you support and want to get some tips for coffee in crypto, what you usually do is add your cryptocurrency wallet like an ethereum address to your readme file or sponsor button to accept donations and tips.

If you are more interested in keeping or converting all the received crypto tips into USD, you need to track all your transactions with your wallet and exchange them as soon as possible. You may not be available at all times to do this exchange and the famous crypto market volatility may eat away your nice tips and donations on a downturn.

Additionally, you can be earning a nice interest rate of 7–10% on average on top of your donations when you convert your crypto donations and tips to a stablecoin (See Loanscan), which could be a cost of opportunity for you.

Add StablePay button to Readme.md 🔗

We built an easy way to configure your ethereum address to receive all crypto donations and convert them into an interest earning digital asset for you.

Heading over to 👉 https://stablepay.io/widget/generator you will see the widget generator page.

As first option choose Widget type Donation.

You get the default suggested values, which you can remove and add other amounts as you please.

Next step is your wallet address which is very important. Is where your tips and donations will be received (like your bank account), if you have an ethereum address connected, your address will be filled for you on the address input here:

If you don’t have a wallet connected you can simply copy and paste your address into this input.

Don’t have a wallet and interested in getting crypto tips and donations. Send us an email to [email protected] we will be happy to help you get set up.

After you enter your wallet, in the next step you can configure if you want your crypto to automatically earn interest for you. If you want interest you enable the option (Send to Compound).

Next field you want to add a name (merchant name field) to show your brand/name for your donors when they click your button.

Callback url is an optional field you can leave it blank for donations.

Final step is choosing a style for your button, we have a few prebuilt options or you can choose a custom one to just personalized it with our link if you are more tech savvy.

After you choose your style you are pretty much done and are ready to integrate your widget button into your Github repository by clicking the Copy Button and pasting the code in your Readme.md file.

After you paste the code and save the Readme.md file, you will get a nice donation button in your Github repository like the one below.

And that is pretty much all there is to it, after you follow this guide you have your own configured tip and donation button for your Github repository.

If you are more tech-savvy you can use the link and HTML options to customize the link or paste it into a custom website tool like Squarespace or Wix, or even your own site if you know a bit more about HTML and coding web development.

Add StablePay to Github sponsorships

Github has a cool sponsor feature that you can activate in your repository.

For this tutorial you can use the widget generator link or a URL from the StablePay URL builder here 👉 https://stablepay.io/url.

For this example we will use our URL with our address generated using the URL builder.

By creating a file in your “.github” directory called FUNDING.yml. You can add the generated URL to the FUNDING.yml file.

After saving the file and commiting to your default branch, you can activate the sponsorship option in the settings for your Github repository within the features options.

Now when you click the sponsor button in your Github repository an option for your cryptocurrency donations shows up.

For more details on the github sponsor feature you can read here:

Tracking your transactions

If you create your widget and start sharing it you can sign up on our website and head over to the StablePay Dashboard to start tracking all your received and sent transactions in one place. Soon we will also enable notifications on any transactions received so sign up and stay tuned.

dashboard screen
Details of my received transaction

Follow us on our media channels and get in touch. If you have questions or have any issues at all with the platform, please send an email to: [email protected], we will be happy to help.

Get in touch with us by:

Finally, please share this with anybody that you think will find it useful.

Thanks for your support,

StablePay Team

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