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Here’s how you can start receiving tips and donations directly to DAI or cDAI supplied to Compound in seconds 🔥.

tl;dr: head over 👉
Enter you ethereum address, requested amount and share. That is all you need to get started 🔥 🙌.

StablePay is a decentralized donations/ payments platform that enables you to receive DAI or cDAI (Compound DAI) regardless of the source token transferred. Alice sends ETH or XYZ ERC20 and Bob gets DAI or cDAI.

Out of the gate we support configuring and sharing links (Smart URLs) and also configuring a widget to request payments from ETH or any token to be converted to DAI or cDAI instantly. Configure your payment widget or link for free, no sign up required.

You can also track your received and sent transfer in your personal dashboard. (Optional)

You can get started by following the Start Guide in our docs. Or head to the StablePay website and click Get Started.

The problem

If you want to request for tips or donations in DAI or Compound cDAI, either the sender needs to swap the tokens before sending them to you or you need to do so when you receive them (and get notified that you did which is hard for donations), assuming the sender started with a different token.

Either way is at least two more transactions needed for you to get your DAIs or your awesome interest-bearing cDAIs 💸 in most cases.

We saw that a link was missing (literally) and we decided to build it to bridge that gap.

Insert Legend of Zelda pun here!

The missing Link 🔗

We built an easy way to configure your address to receive all donations in DAI or DAI supplied to Compound (cDAI).


Heading over to 👉 you will see the URL builder page.

Build your Smart URL

A few of the values are set as default, the amount value is in DAI, preset to 5 DAI, but you can input any amount you please.

If you have an ethereum address connected your address will be filled for you on the address input here:

If you don’t have a wallet connected you can simply copy and paste your address to this input.

Note: Soon we will support building links with ENS. Stay tuned!

The next thing you can do is configure if you want your DAI to be automatically supplied to Compound for you.

Send to Compound

And that is pretty much all there is to it, you can hit the Copy button or share your link like any normal website URL on your favorite social media site.

Share your link

Tracking your transactions

If you create your link and start sharing it you can sign up on our website and head over to the StablePay Dashboard to start tracking all your received and sent transactions in one place. Soon we will also enable notifications on any transactions received so sign up and stay tuned.

Dashboard Screen
Details of my received transaction

That’s all we have for today. We will be publishing more content on the other features we have so stay tuned.

Follow us on our media channels and get in touch if you want us to add a feature or have any issues at all with the platform at [email protected] we are waiting to hear from you.

Get in touch with us by:

Finally, please share this with anybody in the ecosystem if you find it useful. We want to help adoption and add more use cases for ethereum and DeFI.

Thanks for your support,

StablePay Team

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